That pesky ‘bridge’ at Lisson Grove!

Is a canal tunnel a bridge or not?

East entrance to Lisson Grove Tunnel with the bridge notice upper right

It seems so, according to Canal & River Trust. Ever since the British Waterways Board and its successors have run London’s canals, they have claimed there are just two tunnels on the city’s entire system. Despite this error being pointed out oft times in the past, Lisson Grove continues to be randomly called either a bridge or a tunnel. BW’s notices claim it as a bridge however its walking guides claim it a tunnel as shown below:

At least BW calls it a tunnel in its circular walk leaflet!

Canal & River Trust seems to have found the ideal solution to the dilemma of whether to call it a bridge or a tunnel. In their version of the Little Venice to Camden circular walk the ‘tunnel’ (or ‘bridge’) disappears altogether! Almost an entire paragraph vanishes from the old BW leaflet as it morphs into a Canal & River Trust information guide. Quite a nifty solution to a problem they dont seem to have a proper answer for!

CRT’s solution to the ‘impossible’ tunnel – remove all reference to it!

In the past long before BWB/BW/CRT came onto the scene, the bridge, sorry, tunnel, was always known as Eyre’s Tunnel. This name was given because the tunnel went underneath part of the large estate belonging to Richard Eyre. As it went through the ground it is without a doubt 100% of a tunnel.

Definitely a bridge says CRT!

When Canal & River Trust changed their notices to the new ID (with cheap stickers) they certainly didnt put that ‘bridge’ right. They just stuck a new ID over the old BW notices and left the confusion for others to ponder over. Just wonder, would Canal & River Turst prefer to call its Islington and Maida Hill tunnels – their two official London canal tunnels – a succession, or a multitude, of bridges?

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