Chicks, dogs & paddle boarders at Little Venice

Saturday: Some more pics from Little Venice 🙂 The baby coots in the pool are perhaps the most popular attraction at this weekend’s Cavalcade!

This year’s baby coots nested at Little Venice

This year’s baby coots nested at Little Venice near Beauchamp Lodge

Doggy sailor on narrow boat in the Little Venice pool

Another portrait of the doggy sailor in the Little Venice pool

Paddleboarders on the Blomfield Road section of the Regent’s Canal

Paddleboarders on the the Regent’s Canal by Maida Hill Tunnel

I would not assume the paddleboarders went through the tunnel – they could have perhaps done so by waiting for an eastbound boat and then trailing behind it (even tho the rules technically dont allow it!) I have seen instances of this occurring with canoeists however paddleboarders would be far too slow. These paddleboarders actually rested by the tunnel portal before returning to Paddington Basin.

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