Little Venice – boaters #1

Another day at Little Venice’s Canalway Cavalcade. This time a stronger human element to the pics I took!

Surfin’ on the bows of Fulbourne during the boat handling. This guy certainly has a grandstand view of the day’s proceedings 🙂

The rubbish collection barge makes its regular rounds. A more efficient service than any council could provide!

One of the IWA Canalway staff admiring this Irish Wolfhound

Today its just a red necktie, no hats. The dog on N/B Scotch Corner and its master

Thanks for a great pose says this Chinese girl to the boaters in traditional costume

The baby chick coots proving as popular as ever. Certainly one of the weekend’s biggest draws

Another boater couple in traditional dress. They knew how to say ‘thank-you’ properly in sign language 🙂

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