London Canals update August 2016

Updates to the London Canals website are underway. Its being morphed from a plain website to wordpress which will consist of original London Canals website features plus blog posts.

The blog posts from elsewhere (including the old London Canals wordpress blog) are included in the new site.

For a full list of the features from the London Canals website simply go to the sitemap page  showing every single one of London Canals features. Clicking on the links will either bring one to an updated page here or over to one of the original pages at (this will remain up for the duration of the works.)

It takes time to transfer pages over to WordPress – this is why the method described above is being used – to ensure full continuity is maintained whilst pages are transferred.

The main image with flowers is for now – its nice so will suffice whilst London Canals’s in a state of temporary flux 🙂

Update – the original background image from the website has been used as a header. Just testing 🙂

Update – The wordpress design I like it however some small quirks (like many other similar examples) so could ultimately change it.

Update – The Croydon Canal pages are the first full set to feature on the new WordPress site.

Update – The Lee Navigation pages are up – with the added bonus of a new page covering the old waterways at Waltham Abbey plus the Royal Gunpowder Mills canal system – and reinstatement of the pages covering the navigation between Waltham Abbey and Hertford.

Update – Grand Surrey Canal pages done – Completely re-arranged to reduce number of pages.

Update – Original web pages will have the following logo:


Modified web pages will simply display this image:


Original web pages are those transferred without any changes or updates.

ALL the links work!

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