Bow Back Rivers & other ‘lost’ features

London Canals’ previous features covered the Bow Backs, the navigable Molember river (pic shown below), The Stort, Waltham Abbey’s canal system, the New River, plus the many cuts off the Lee Navigation, leaflets on the Lee/Lea, the Grand Union Canal, London’s canal waterbuses, etc. There were regular features too – one covered news items on London’s canals and another the many freight operations up and down the canal.

The Bow Back Rivers features got taken off because of the Olympics. So many changes took place plus the impossibility of accessing the waterways during Olympics construction plus the subsequent works for establishing the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The present Pudding Mill River feature was in fact part of the Bow Back Rivers set. The ease at which the old route/remains of the river could be seen or accessed during the 2012 construction kept that one feature online.

Other features were prepared, including the Grand Union Canal, the River Colne, the Troy Arm, plus a comprehensive look at London’s canal aqueducts. The latter was in fact online for a few years, before being removed in 2010. The current page on the two canal aqueducts in Central London (at Little Venice and King’s Cross) is a spin off from that older feature.

With the transfer to WordPress it is possible some of these features could be restored…..

In the meantime here are screencaps of some of the other bygone features….

The New River feature covered the complete waterway between Sadler’s Wells and New Gauge (including some of the older channels.) It was the most comprehensive feature on London Canals from 2006 – 2009. Despite the ‘river’ not being a canal, it had aqueducts, tunnels, and employed innovative 18th century canal building methods a hundred and fifty years earlier! The New River and River Lee companies were partners – in fact the New River company owned part of the Lee Navigation. The picture shows swans on the New River at Hoddesdon.

London Canals’ feature on the Bow Back Rivers (withdrawn late 2010). All the Bow Back Rivers were covered – even the Channelsea. 🙂 The picture shows Carpenters’ Lock before it was demolished for the Olympics. Today the lock chamber is devoid of any equipment and it’s hugely overshadowed by two bridges covered in mirrors!

London Canals’ freight operations feature ran from 2005 – 2008, which one can perhaps say was a golden era for renewed freight on the waterways. It detailed the many workings passing through Central London’s waterways, plus the regular gravel traffic between Denham and Hayes. As the pic above shows, the Regent’s Canal was used to deliver construction materials for King’s Place 🙂

The pages on London’s canal wildlife lasted the same period as the freight operations feature, eg 2005 to 2008.

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