Canal updates – Little Venice/Paddington/Lisson Grove

The following is from the local politicians on issues related to the canal.

Little Venice Canal area 

We have asked the Canal & River Trust to investigate this issue;

“What has happened to Little Venice Canal at Paddington Basin? Even the ducks have abandoned the green slime that has engulfed the entire basin. Can we please have a longer term solution to the present rather disgusting mess in a once beautiful area.” 

Following our enquiry, action has been taken by the C&RT and a resident told us: “I understand that there is a problem in keeping the weed under control, needs a lot more attention and am very pleased to see some improvement this week.”

Rembrandt Gardens

We have alerted the Council to this recurring problem:

“Rough sleepers have again set up home along side the Canal next to the Rembrandt Garden and are bedding down on the grass. They have been there since last week together with their possessions.”

The Council say:

“The site of the rough sleeping is Stone Wharf / Rembrandt Gardens and is managed by both our parks team and the Canal Trust. Earlier this year we saw an influx of rough sleepers in this area and work was carried out to disrupt the rough sleeping and to clean the area.   This was undertaken by the council, police and our partners from the St. Mungo’s Hotspot Team. We are currently looking into the possibility of placing a gate at the mouth of the tow path which would allow us to prevent access other than for the canal boat residents.  It appears that the current rough sleepers are a couple and a single female.  A referral has been made to Streetconcern and the St Mungo’s Hotspot Team requesting an increased presence in the area and for a care plan to be put in place to support the single female.”

(NOTE from London Canals – This is nothing new, its a recurring issue. People need somewhere to live)

Lisson Green canalside

We have asked the Canal & River Trust to ensure that the gates to the canal path are opened so that residents can walk along this stretch of the canal. 

This and other earlier reports (previously covered here) can be seen at Labour Westminster’s pages.

Note: This post is no political affilation or political broadcast of any sort. Its a simple canal report. No politics is inferred or suggested. Totally apolitical 🙂

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