Regent’s Canal 200th Anniversary

The Regent’s Canal celebrated its 200th Anniversary this month. Its a partial anniversary as the full canal did not open until 1820.

1816 was the year the Regent’s Canal opened from Paddington to the top of the locks Camden. This was somewhat later than the promoters had hoped, due to considerable difficulties in building the canal especially its two tunnels at the western end.

Sadly little was made of the anniversary in London’s media. Camden’s New Journal had a full page feature. I failed to get a copy of that issue however the following scan came from its sister journal West End Extra where the content is essentially the same.


This brief report came from the Camden New Journal’s online pages:

Link: Camden New Journal

Towpath Talk had this extended feature.

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  • A few weeks ago, I walked from The Hawley Lock in Camden…past the (very familiar…I was staying in ) Kentish Town…along the St. Pancras Basin and Lock …all the way to the Islington Tunnel (where the side paths ended)…to emerge at ‘the Angel where I had stayed on previous visits to London. I wasn’t expecting to come into the angel where I did though…which has me searching ‘these sites’ to find the name of the canal system that I first became familiar with a few years ago in Islington on New North Road…which crosses (Blank) Canal?

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