Towpath Cycling Tweets 2016

This is a record of ALL the 2016 tweets I can find re issues with towpath cycling.

I have tried to put it in exact date order. Twitter doesnt make it that easy!

There are complaints all over the world, even China, the US, France, Ireland etc. As far as I know these are all UK towpaths – a couple of tweets re Belfast’s Lagan Canal are included because of injuries…

CRT claim only one incident during 2016 led to an injury (see extract below from CRT’s page.) Reading these tweets one will find injuries are a few more than CRT’s claim.

There’s one tweet from Ottawa (the Rideau Canal) I make no apologies for including it, because it has a very important message…. clearly the two tings is contentious because some want cyclists to use it, others (like my self dont want this ding-along crap) and even though cyclists do use it quite sensibly at times, it doesnt avoid accidents especially when the towpath user is deaf, blind, has a buggy/children or is disabled.

I love the guy who says “I am trying to raise awareness of the towpath as a cycle highway.” That’s what it’s all about – a fully fledged cycle motorway! Clearly tranquil towpaths neither desired nor preferred!

January 2016:

February 2016:

March 2016:

April 2016:

May 2016:

June 2016:

July 2016:

August 2016:

September 2016:

October 2016:

November 2016:

December 2016:

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