Floating Pocket Park progress

Several days ago I wrote of the Floating Park in Paddington – that there seemed to be some issues with the pontoons & weight mass which was causing everything to go uneven.

I revisited the basin this evening and it seems some of the problems have been sorted although barely any part of the floating park is level still.

Barely any of the Floating Pocket Park’s level along its length.

Many of the bags of earth have disappeared and this seems to have helped somewhat. I assume the earth was used to fill up the large flower/tree beds more as there’s evidence some of these have tipped a bit more.

Plant beds still very lopsided due to weight.

Several trees have arrived but not yet been planted, presumably because the beds are very uneven and seriously need re-levelling.

The deck is looking more even in places though nowhere near level and still very incomplete.

The main access ramp has now been righted, though its not level with the quayside.

Decking & framework still very uneven across the park’s breadth by the plant beds.

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