Canalway Cavalcade 2017 Day #1

A quick post as already done one this eve re the Floating Pocket Park! Here’s a selection of pics from the first day of the Bank Holiday weekend festival at Little Venice.

The first pic is six narrow boats all meeting in the pool – all going different ways – good job someone decided to put that boat roundabout there! Boats include Jenny Wren, Lady A, Salar (with their Narrow Dog to Carcassonne banner) and the London Canal Museum’s Bantam tug.

The Best Dressed Boats Competition:

My favourite – Little Gem and Ugly Duckling.

The ‘ugly’ duckling paddling along behind Little Gem 🙂

Lady on N/B Rachel reclines for the judges. Not sure what their entry denoted…

The Little Venice Bag Levitation Ceremony:

Collecting the bags for this important ceremony…

The first bag under levitation. See how its master uses his powers to keep the bag in mid-air.

This black bag stays suspended in mid-air through incredible thought control from its master.

Another! The carpet sweeper’s used to bat the bags into space once they’re not needed.

One of Sean Henry’s guys with a colourful man bag:)

I began this post with Jenny Wren, so I end it with Jenny Wren.

Kids’ fun as they sail past Jenny Wren picking up passengers from Rembrandt Gardens.

Narrow boat heading the other way past Jenny Wren. Guys on towpath not quite so jovial….

Jenny Wren in the bridgehole at Warwick Avenue with a full boat-load heading for Camden.

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