Divers at Floating Pocket Park

General view of the Floating Park Saturday 29 April 2017

Sign warning of divers at work!

Divers were at the Floating Pocket Park this weekend, on what is clearly a difficult job.

Getting the modular pontoon floats in position ready to be pulled underwater.

Their task is to place more pontoon floats underneath those already in place, to force the lumpy, uneven bits of the park upwards and thus make the whole park more level.


A crude method of getting these floaty things underwater, but it works!

Its clearly difficult because these modular pontoon floats are filled with air and as others may know, its like trying to push a ball underwater – it doesnt want to and pops back up. As my pictures show its not easy getting these modular pontoon floats underwater – they have to be winched by the divers beneath the park as well as pushed down from above. Its no one day job – slow and laborious – especially for the diver.

The chain used to pull the floats under is returned to staff by the diver.

The difficulty is of course trying to get these pontoon floats, once they are underwater, to where they need to go, because of the immense pressure of wanting to go up not across. Clearly its a task that involves a lot of effort, and co-ordination with the staff above to make sure the floats are in the right place. As I observed there were discussions about how to place the modular floats in order to achieve the best means of forcing the dropped bits back up, and its not a straightforward job.

Diver discussing with support staff how best to fit in place the submerged pontoon floats.

More discussion on best way to position the submerged floats. The diver at left is on standby in case any difficulties arise.

It’s all going well now – however a lot of work to get the Floating Pocket Park right. Its probably not going to be absolutely 100% level, but it will look good. It could have been done better I think. Its seems unusual to use these quick fit modular pontoon floats for such uneven and heavy use – other floating parks around the world (such as on the Seine at Paris) have employed larger pontoons and longer steel ties.

The rest of the pics show progress on the Floating park itself.

Still looking a bit lumpy – but they’ll get there eventually.

Trees in place now.

Mature seedlings ready for planting.

Plants being watered.

The company doing the work are DiversUK

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