Go Boats and the River Brent

GoBoats are saying hirers will be able to reach the River Brent.

I dont know how they envisage this. The Brent at that location is one of the most difficult waterways in London to even try accessing!

GoBoats must have looked at the map and said there’s the River Brent – it intersects with the canal. Looks nice and tempting.

The River Brent at Alperton adjacent to the North Circular Aqueduct.

It seems touting the Brent as a destination means the hire company could put people at risk.

Fact: The Brent actually passes underneath the canal. The canal itself is on a very high embankment with steep sides.

Fact: Anyone ever seen pictures of the River Brent passing under the Grand Union Canal at Alperton?

Access to the Brent is via a very steep slope (arrowed) near the North Circular aqueduct.

No, and that’s why! Damn dangerous trying to get down there! In fact about the only pics of the Brent aqueduct to be found anywhere on the internet are those I took in 2013.

Run a Google search for River Brent Alperton. What does that bring up, loads of pics of the Brent but of that vertiginous chasm in question, there’s the only one picture – mine!

That was quite a risky descent. I slipped several times, just managing to grab branches or thin tree trunks to stop myself falling down the slope.

The River Brent & canal aqueduct. Difficult to take pic of this as the sides are very steep & barely any trees to hold onto further down.

The only reason I took pictures of the aqueduct is because I have never seen any pics of it. I’ve never even personally seen the Brent aqueduct itself (clearly few have) and thought to myself it must be one of the UK’s least seen canal aqueducts. Just wanted to show on London Canals what the aqueduct did look like. There’s only three of these on the Paddington Arm -and two take a certain amount of skill to find! Curiosity got the better of me.

GoBoats say:

‘Explore the Grand Union Canal, surrounded by incredible architecture, green land, industrial land and art. Enjoy the canal spirit travelling past hundreds of moored narrowboats. The West route provides 14 miles of canal to explore, so take as long as you want! Travelling two hours west allows for a return journey through Westbourne Green, Ladbroke Grove and Kensal Green. In three hours Wembley and the River Brent can be reached.’

Screencap from their page – ‘the River Brent can be reached.’

Why cant Go Boats not just say the North Circular Aqueduct can be reached? That’s what it amounts to, its essentially the same destination just to the south of the Brent. The North Circular Aqueduct can be visited by boat and viewed in complete safety

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