London’s Canal Towpaths and their improvements – Canalway

Canalway – the background People often ask what ‘Canalway’ stands for when referring to the annual Cavalcade boating festival in London’s Little Venice each May. Canalway (or more correctly, Canal Way) is a project that began in the 1970’s with a substantial implemention of works and improvements made during the Queens Silver Jubilee 1977. This explains why the Silver Jubilee […]

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Buildings of interest near London’s Canals – Nash Villas

The Nash Villas along the Regents Canal John Nash built a lot of houses along the Regents Canal. Probably more than half of these have disapperaed. The largest estate of Nash built Houses was located at what were called the North Bank and the South Bank, sited between Lisson Grove and Park Road. Nash originally envisaged that 56 classical houses […]

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London Canals’ Archive Pictures

The ‘Old Order’ in London This page looks at some old London canal scenes. The Thames isnt actually a canal but the pics are of interest so they are included as it was an IWA cruise that was making its way to the National Waterways Rally in Osterley Park, near Brentford. 1) Little Venice & Paddington This scene from January […]

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