The GLC’s Canal Way Project

A project initiated by the Greater London Council By 1977 the towpath had been improved in the direction of Hackney. This made a grand total of five and half miles and this became the first section of the Greater London Council’s Canal Way Parks initiatitve. The gardens at Bonner Hall bridge were also created for the scheme. However it seems […]

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Buildings of interest near London’s Canals – North, South Bank, Park Villas

The Nash Villas along the Regents Canal – The North and South Banks John Nash built a substantial number of villas and town houses along the Regents Canal. Many more were planned but in the event only around half got off the drawing board. Of those that were built, around half have disapperaed. The largest estate of Nash built Houses […]

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Buildings of interest near London’s Canals – Crockers Folly

Crocker’s Folly Some might think that Crockers Folly is a strange inclusion into this category for it doesn’t, at first glance, seem to be on any canal. That is not so – it is above the Regents Canal! Crockers Folly is where the Maida Hill Tunnel passes through its ground and the pub is seen by thousands of towpath walkers […]

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