Paddington’s depression?

No, Paddington Bear is certainly NOT going through a bad phase. This is about the real Paddington, that ‘depressing,’ ‘lifeless’ place developers such as Renzo Piano claim needs livening up. Fact #1 Paddington once had a lively town centre, with shops, cinemas, restuarants, and a famous theatre. Fact #2 The A40 Westway was sent right through the heart of Paddington. […]

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Places of interest near London’s Canals – Bayswater

Bayswater (and the Westfield Centre by tube) Bayswater is a useful shopping area with various ameneties such as Whiteley’s cinema and the Queensway skating rink. Its about 15-20 minutes walk from Little Venice. Westfield is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK and is reached by tube from Royal Oak station How to get there from Little Venice. […]

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