Archive pictures of the London Canals

Archive – Recent old pictures of the London Canals

Attractions/Buildings near the London Canals

Abbey – The famous road, crossing, studios & The Beatles
Bayswater – Shops in West London a short distance from Little Venice
Camden – The Horse Market & tunnels
Crockers – The large folly pub atop Maida Hill Tunnel
Derry/Toms – Kensington’s famous 1930’s roof gardens
Edgware Rd – Watling Street: One of London’s oldest thoroughfares
Great Central – A large railway depot at Marylebone/Lisson Grove
Metesco – A little-known electricity sub-station near the canal
Nash Houses 1 – Old and modern versions alongside the canal
Nash Houses 2– North, South Bank & Park Villages
Aircraft Factory – The unique Spitfire buildings in W2
St. Pancras – London’s International Rail Terminus

Canute’s Canal

Canute’s canal – The mythological waterway that wasnt built by Canute, but someone else!

City or Isle of Dogs Canal

City Canal – The old canal route now part of Canary Wharf

Congreve’s hydro-pneumatic lock

Congreve’s humbug – A failed boat lift built at Camden in the 1815’s

Cumberland Arm

To Euston – A former canal branch off the Regent’s to Great Portland Street

Croydon (and Rotherhithe) Canal

Croydon 01 – Tracing the former canal route into Surrey
Croydon 02 – Coldblow: the connection with the Grand Surrey Canal
Croydon 03 – The route through New Cross
Croydon 04 – From Middlesex to Surrey: Goldsmiths to Barriedale
Croydon 05 – Shardeloes Road: A road that was once a canal
Croydon 06 – The Brockley ‘Rise’: The long climb to Honor Oak
Croydon 07 – Honor Oak Park and the top of the 28 locks
Croydon 08 – Forest Wood: A long gone woodlands
Croydon 09 – Towpath into pavement 1: The Davids Road walkway
Croydon 10 – Towpath into pavement 2:The old canal at Forest Hill Station
Croydon 11 – Sydenham Park – and the site of a canal reservoir
Croydon 12 – Dacre’s Wood: The canal’s remnants
Croydon 13 – Sydenham: Thriftwood to Venner Road
Croydon 14 – Penge Station and the mythical ‘canal loops’
Croydon 15 – Former pleasure gardens: Anerley’s Tea Rooms
Croydon 16 – Bett’s Park: A concrete trough
Croydon 17 – South Norwood – London’s ‘Lake District’
Croydon 18 – Norwood, Towpath Way & Gloucester Road
Croydon 19 – Towpath into pavement 3: Bird in Hand & Spurgeons Bridge
Croydon 20 – The Railway Station: Where the canal ended
Croydon 21 – Croydon Canal Route Maps

Fleet River and canal

Blackfriars – The Fleet River and its short lived canal
Holbourne Bridge – Blackfriars to Farringdon
Hockley in the Hole – Farringdon to Mount Pleasant
River of Wells 1 – Mount Pleasant to Baggnige Wells
River of Wells 2 – Baggnige Wells to Kings Cross Bridge
King’s Cross – The ‘bridge’ to St Pancras Church
St Pancras Way – Towards Camden Town

Grand Surrey Canal

Intro – A canal route from London to Portsmouth!
Old Surrey Docks route – The old canal route through the Surrey Docks
Greenland Dock – Plough Lane – The canal’s route to Plough Lane
Plough Lane – Surrey Canal Road – The canal’s route to Surrey Canal Road
Ilderton Road – Camberwell – The canal’s route to Camberwell
Canal junctions & place names – Junctions and places named after the canal
Bridges & buildings – The canal’s structures
Peckham branch & canal wharves – The delightful branch and wharves of the canal

Grosvenor Canal

To Victoria Station – The former canal from the Thames to Pimlico Wharf

Hertford Union Canal

‘Duckett’s Canal’ – Old Ford Junction to the Lee Navigation

Kensington Canal

Lot’s Road – The Thames, Chelsea Creek and the main canal entrance
Stamford Bridge – From Lots Road to West Brompton
Earl’s Court – West Brompton to Kensington Olympia

Lee Navigation

Bow Locks – Old Ford – Intro/Bow, Three Mills to Old Ford
Hackney – Springfield – Old Ford, Lea Bridge and Springfield
Markfield Park – Edmonton – Tottenham, Stonebridge and Edmonton
Picketts Lock – Ponders End – Picketts Lock, Ponder’s End & Turkey Brook
Brimsdown – Enfield – Brimsdown to Enfield Lock
Rammey Marsh – Hazlemere – Rammey Marsh and Waltham Abbey
The old order at Waltham – The old river & Royal Gunpowder Mills canals
Waltham Abbey – King’s Weir – Cheshunt and Aqueduct Lock
Broxbourne – Fielde’s Weir – Wormley, Broxbourne, Carthagena, Dobb’s
Rye House – Ware – Stanstead Abbotts, Hardmead lock & Ware
New Gauge – Hertford – Ware’s private lock, the New River and Hertford
In Retrospect – Is the Lee Navigation a canal or river? Plus other info

Limehouse Cut

Limehouse 1 – History and the cut to Burdett Road
Limehouse 2 – Burdett Road to Bow Locks (Lee Navigation)

Little Venice – canals & local history

Little Venice 1 – Little Venice – the ignored facts!
Little Venice 2 – Tour round Little Venice 1
Little Venice 3 – Tour round Little Venice 2
Little Venice 4 – Tour round Little Venice 3
Little Venice 5 – Little Venice’s lost canal aqueduct

London’s canal tunnels

The three tunnels – Islington, Maida Hill and Lisson Grove
Islington – Tunnel under London’s village
Maida Hill & Lisson Grove  – World famous canal tunnels!

Mc Murray’s canal at Wandsworth

McMurray’s 1 – the canal and Surrey Iron Railway
McMurray’s 2 – The sites formerly occupied by the canal

Paddington Arm

Paddington Arm 1 – Bulls Bridge to Northolt
Paddington Arm 2 – Northolt to Horsenden
Paddington Arm 3 – Alperton to Acton Lane
Paddington Arm 4 – Harlesden to Kensal Green
Paddington Arm 5 – Ladbroke Grove to Little Venice

Paddington – Local history, canals and railways

Paddington 1 – Paddington & its transport systems – 1
Paddington 2 – Paddington & its transport systems – 2
Paddington 3 – Paddington & its transport systems – 3

Pudding Mill – a lost London river

Pudding Mill 1 – The river in its last days before the Olympics
Pudding Mill 2 – The Pudding Mill River along Marshgate Lane
Pudding Mill 3 – The continuation southwards to end of river

Regent’s Canal

Regent’s 1 – Intro & Little Venice-Maida Hill
Regent’s 2 – Maida Hill-London Zoo
Regent’s 3 – Cumberland Turn-Pirate Castle
Regent’s 4 – Camden-St Pancras
Regent’s 5 – King’s Cross-Acton’s Lock
Regent’s 6 – Mare Street-Limehouse

Rickmansworth’s unique waterways

Salter’s Cut 1 – Batchworth along the river to Salter’s Cut

Roding Navigation

Roding 1 – History and background to the Ilford navigation
Roding 2 – The river from Barking Barrage to Ilford Bridge

Romford Canal – London’s penultimate waterway

Romford 1 – Ford’s Works to New Road
Romford 2 – River Beam to Beam Bridge lock
Romford 3 – The canal lock to Rainham Road
Romford 4 – Rainham Road to Elm Park
Romford 5 – To the railway embankment
Romford 6 – The canal’s last remnants

Royal Arsenal Canal at Woolwich

Woolwich 1 – A military waterway that served the Woolwich Arsenal
Woolwich 2 – History of the Royal Arsenal Railway
Woolwich 3 – The Royal Arsenal Canal today

Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal

Slough 1 – Slough to Langley
Slough 2 – Langley to the M25
Slough 3 – M25 to Cowley Peachey

Towpath schemes – Canalway, Green Chain, Green Link etc

Canalway – London’s major towpath scheme
The GLC – The London council’s ambitious project
The plaques – Reminders of the grand towpath scheme
Other schemes – The mysterious Green Chain, Link & other projects
Hackney/Lee Valley – Other towpath projects

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  1. Hello. For many years we’ve really enjoyed this amazingly informative website. Thank you. However, in recent years the photographs of the Slough Arm have been inaccessible – just the name of each shows temptingly! Please help. And btw, have you ever investigated the Duke of Northumberlands River – an artificial waterway so a canal really.? Many thanks.

  2. Hello there. Some while ago, there used to be a very good pictorial tour of the Basingstoke Canal from one end to the other on your website. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared. Is there any chance it could be resurrected? I appreciate it doesn’t really fit into the category of London canals. If this isn’t possible, perhaps we could take the images and recreate it on the Society website, with an attribution of course.

    There is considerable interest in walking the unnavigable and derelict section of the canal at the Basingstoke end, for which you definitely need a pictorial map to find your way!

    While I have your attention, I never did find out who produced it. Perhaps you could give me a name..

    Many thanks

    Martin Leech
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