The full 37 and half miles from the Wey to Basingstoke
Above: The footpath leading over Greywell Hill is not the original boat horse route. The first bit from Greywell Tunnel’s eastern portal is a new section that takes one over the top of the tunnel, past this fencing and rather attractive hedging and near to the main part of the village
A short walk along a minor road, brings us to the junction by the Fox and Goose PH. Turn right onto the road that leads to Hook. There are several attractive houses in Greywell worth taking a detour to see. The village has won a ‘Best Kept Hampshire Village’ award, and has the distinction of being mentioned in the Domesday Book
Walk northwards along the Hook Road and turn left onto the Greywell Hill footpath (route marked in red)
Where one sees a sign advertising the nearby Fox & Goose PH, adjacent to this is the entrance to the footpath over Greywell Hill
Above: The footpath leads off the road from Greywell village and climbs up the slopes of the hill. This well defined stretch uphill from Greywell village traverses woodland
As the path ascends, it splits into two. Take the right hand route
After a climb throught the woods, it emerges via a stile onto open heath, which affords some good views and one may find some cows grazing. The route is clearly marked by the clump of trees at the top of the hill . In the past the route was poorly signed but this has improved
The route at the top of the hill over Greywell Tunnel. The sign says ‘To the tunnel’
The path over the hill arrives at what were once two tall sturdy trees (one has since been felled and lies to the side of the path) Just beyond can be found another stile and gate (lower pictures) that leads to the section descending to the western end of the Basingstoke Canal
The large tree stands near these gates, the one just behind the next tree (route marked in red) which give access to the path downhill through the woods
The route crosses a private drive. Straight over for the route to Greywell tunnel’s western portal
A meeting of paths soon comes, carry straight ahead
The route runs through this delightful avenue of trees. At the far end the path diverges for Greywell tunnel
The junction, seen above, used to be quite easily missed but recent improvements have made it easier to get to the western portal of the tunnel. Turn right here and follow a winding path
The newly surfaced path as it winds towards the tunnel portal. The canal can just be discerned left centre
The path crosses the western portal of Greywell Tunnel, behind fencing and marked by the arrow. The path continunes round and down to the information board and narrows where the canal once emerged from the portal
This footpath information board above the western end of the tunnel marks the turning down to the tunnel portal. Although the actual portal has long gone, the tunnel itself can be seen though the railings (marked with a circle) Before the railings were put up one could actually look inside the tunnel itself, but safety considerations prevail nowdays. The Basingstoke Canal Authority still hold responsibility for the tunnel itself. The information board is the same as the one found at the eastern portal of Greywell tunnel
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