Places around the Basingstoke Canal

Blacksmiths bridge had mines placed in the roadway on top as well and the picture below shows the concrete holes in which these mines were set

Tank traps by the winding hole next to Blacksmiths Bridge

Dogsmerfield was once known as Docce mere feld, and this means “a field by the water lily lake.” Henrys VI and VII, and the young Henry VIII (as Prince Henry) stayed at Dogsmerfield manor in the 16th Century. The original house was rebuilt as a Georgian Manor in 1728, and it passed through many familes before becoming a school. It suffered a serious fire in 1981. The rebuilt structure was opened by Princess Anne in 1986. In the 21st century it has been expanded and is now known as the Four Seasons Hotel. This is the large building that can be seen on the hillside to the south west from the canal. The hotel offers splendid country views including of Tundry Pond

The Four Seasons Hotel, Dogsmerfield Park
Weblink: Four Seasons Hotel

Cows grazing by Tundry Pond

One of the pair of attractive brick bridges which crosses Tundry Pond by the Fishing Lodge

The Fishing Lodge overlooking Tundry Pond

The Dogsmerfield pill box in 2009. Due to undergrowth, ts impossible to gain a view of it from the bottom of the canal embankment

Close up of Dogsmerfield House from the canal

It is not obvious from the canal but the elevation at which Dogsmerfield House stands means that it has splendid views of Tundry Pond surpassing those from the canal, as the picture below shows. The Basingstoke Canal is nowhere to be seen in this picture but its actually tucked away behind an earth embankment leading to the cutting. I assume is what the landowners at Dogsmerfield wanted – so that their views of the pond were not spoilt by passing barges!

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