Places around the Basingstoke Canal

Greywell is probably best known for being the tunnel with the bats in it on the Basingstoke Canal. It has a small but picturesque village, with a norman church and a mill. The River Whitewater passes through the village just a short distance away from the tunnel portal

Greywell tunnel is visited by thousands every year, but its not just the tunnel thats a popular attraction!

It is five miles from Greywell to Basingstoke – whether it be by canal or by road!

One of my favourite cottages in Greywell – this is known as the Barracks

Cottage in Greywell on the Up Nately road by the church access path

Cottage in Greywell on the Up Nately road looking east

St Marys church in Greywell

Plans for St Marys Church showing various dates of construction

The mill by the River Whitewater. The waterwheel is just visible through the awning on the side

Footbridge across the Whtewater river west of Deptford Road

South of the River Whitewater is Greywell Moors

Deptford bridge – the crossing of the Whitewater in Greywell. There was once a ford

Land that once belonged to North Warnborough now belongs to Greywell!

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