Places around the Basingstoke Canal

Odiham is a historic village up the road from the canal at Colt Hill, and North Warnborough has cottages, ponds, and ponies roaming on the heaths. Odiham is an unusual name but historically it began with a ‘W.’ It was known long ago as Wudiham, and the change occured around Norman times. North Warnborough historically had an unusual name that has become more anglicised. It used to be known as Weargeburna, or Wareweburn. The latter is actually the original name for the River Whitewater as well. This used to be an important waterway at one time, with five mills in operation according to the Domesday Book

The montage of Odiham’s highlights can be found in the village’s main street

Mays Model Cottages, just up the hill from the Basingstoke Canal

Attractive properties on King Street and the High Street

Attractive Tudor cottages of 1540 in King Street towards the upper part of Odiham

Odiham Chalk Pit. This spectacular quarry, with its houses and cows is on the Alton road near RAF Odiham. For much of its life the Basingstoke Canal transported materials from this quarry to London, and the barges were loaded at Colt Hill for the journey eastwards

On many of the local roads these attractive milestones can be seen. This one is to the north of the canal, on the old London Road

The Bell is in an area known as The Bury and the site often hosts festivals. This is the ‘Blues and Booze’ event in June 2009

The Old Barn seen from the High Street
Odiham has many interesting properties, but some are hidden away or private and just glimpses can be seen from the roads, such as the Old Vicarage (above left) Moving out of the village itself (above right) midway along the canal between Odiham and North Warnborough is Lodge Lane bridge and nearby is Lodge Farm. This information board tells us about the fram’s careful husbandry methods and care of the environment. The former Odiham Park Lodge was known to have been somewhere in the vicinity and Surveys conducted during 1993 discovered that Lodge Farm was the former 14th century Royal Lodge popularly used by Edward III! It is believed to be the only medieval royal lodge stil in existence. Historians have often wondered why Edward III prefereed the lodge to the more luxurious accomdation at Odiham Castle, and it may well have bene that the king simply preferred his privacy. The lodge was in the main used as accomdation for the keeper of the Royal Deer Park when Edward did not require its use

Newlyns farm shop – this can be reached from the canal towpath or from various footpaths in the area and by car along the track leading off the far end of the Odiham by-pass.
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