Category: Closed London Canal

The Croydon Canal 1) The junction with the Grand Surrey Canal near Hatcham

In the begining plans for the canal anticipated a connection with the Thames, thus it was known officially as the Croydon and Rotherhithe Canal. The Grand Surrey Canal Company were the ones who made the river connection and the Croydon company had to settle for a junction near Coldblow Lane, […]

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The Cumberland Arm

The Regents Canal’s long lost branch to the Euston/Great Portland Street area View of the entrance to the Cumberland Arm, with the chinese restaurant visible at left The Cumberland Arm served the market area and military facilities to the north of the Euston Road in Central London, and was about […]

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Canute's Canal

King Canute – and the earliest London canal that never was? The story of Canute’s Canal that was supposedly built to by pass London Bridge in order to attack the City of London in 1016 is perhaps a myth and nothing more. There is much speculation about what form Canute’s […]

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