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Basingstoke Canal pages

Basingstoke Canal pages

If you have arrived here from the Basingstoke Canal Society’s pages, the Basingstoke Canal pages are now at the following locations:

Woodham to Greywell

Basingstoke 1 – Intro
Basingstoke 2 – Byfleet – Woodham Locks
Basingstoke 3 – Woodham – St. Johns
Basingstoke 4 – St. Johns – Hermitage
Basingstoke 5 – Brookwood – Pirbright
Basingstoke 6 – Deepcut Flight
Basingstoke 7 – Deepcut – Frimley
Basingstoke 8 – Canal Centre
Basingstoke 9 – Great Bottom – Ash
Basingstoke 10 – Ash lock – Norris Hill
Basingstoke 11 – Fleet – Crookham
Basingstoke 12 – Chequers – Barley Mow
Basingstoke 13 – Barley Mow – Odiham
Basingstoke 14 – Odiham – Greywell

Greywell Tunnel to Basingstoke

Basingstoke 15 – Introduction
Basingstoke 16 – Over Greywell Hill
Basingstoke 17 – Greywell – Brick Kiln Bridge
Basingstoke 18 – Penny Br – Little Tunnel & Frog Lane
Basingstoke 19 – Greywell Road – M3
Basingstoke 20 – Through Basing Village
Basingstoke 21 – Basing House – Swing Bridge
Basingstoke 22 – Ringway – Basingstoke


2 thoughts on “Basingstoke Canal pages”

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this – I can still remember ‘Little Tunnel’ before it was used as a haystack and once took a boat right up to the blockage at the end of Greywell Tunnel before it was blocked and declared a ‘bat-roost’. The tunnel bore then was in excellent condition (a lot better than some navigable canal tunnels I know today), The tunnel collapse was extruding a supporting plug of clay along the bore which suggested to me that the blocked section’s structure was probably in excellent condition for the most part and I thought it a tragedy that a compromise with the ‘batists’ could not be found which would allow a seasonal reopening of the tunnel. I know many canal tunnels today where boats and bats cheerfully cohabit on a daily basis (I have navigated through them) and nobody is seeking to change these arrangements. As a footnote, I did not see a single bat on my exploration of Greywell Tunnel!

    1. Thanks for the information! Its a shame a workable compromise was never found for Greywell tunnel. Boats and bats exist quite happily too as far as I am concerned. Railway tunnels have bats too yet no one kicks up a fuss!

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