A rather mucky, unadopted road (not always shown on the maps) off Evelyn Street is known as Canal Approach. This utilises the old canal route. The sides of the canal and mooring rings can be seen in many places along this road. Nowadays the access at Evelyn Road is mostly locked so it may be best to approach from the other end.

NOTE: 2022 the industrial estate is now closed and is clearly up for development. Will it follow the problematic development (Deptford Landings) to the south of Oxestalls Road though? It appears from Galliard the site will be known as Neptune Wharf (a homage of sorts to the former canal obviously!)

Canal Approach on the east side of the London and Greenwich Railway route. This was the course of the canal and at the base of the buildings along the left side can be seen many mooring rings!

An old mooring ring seen at the base of one of the buildings in Canal Approach.

Another scrapyard in lieu of a canal. This is just before the London & Greenwich railway viaduct in Trundleys Road.

A little bit of history. Remains of the canal at the London and Greenwich crossing had been filled in and the road in front was being remodelled to form the junction with the new Surrey Canal Road. This photo I took in 1984.

From the adjacent park it is possible to see the original London-Greenwich railway arch that crossed the canal.

The same bridge today – its arches are used as a car repair yard by the name of Surrey Canal Commercials.

The junction of Trundleys Road and Surrey Canal Road. From this point westwards the Grand Surrey Canal ran dead straight as far as Ilderton Road.

The bridge in the distance carries the London Overground’s branches to New Cross/New Cross Gate/Croydon. The railway lines diverge just south of the bridge and this is known as Canal Junction.

Between the London Overground bridge and Juno Way the edge of the former canal is now part of the public footpath and at several locations mooring rings can be seen.

Surrey Canal Road bridge carrying the London – Croydon railway over the former canal alignment. This location is actually the junction where the Croydon Canal left the Surrey Canal on its journey southwards.

A pretty modern addition to Surrey Canal Road. This footbridge was not there when the canal existed. A number of mooring rings and bollards can still be seen along the egde of the road, indicating the canal’s former presence.

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