London Waterbus Perseus at the eastern end of Maida Hill Tunnel.

Marylebone Wide from Lisson Grove Road with Beauchamp heading westwards.

East Portal of Lisson Grove Tunnel with a widebeam heading westwards.

Lisson Grove moorings, otherwise known as Marylebone Wide. There used to be a very large interchange depot between canal and railway.

Plaque placed by Pateley St bridge commoreating the former site of the MCC cricket ground 1811-13.

N/B Boris Nests passing between Park Road and Marylebone Rail bridges early in 2009. The one behind is ex work boat Malta.

At this point one of London’s famous lost rivers – the Tyburn – flows underneath the Regent’s Canal through the pipes shown below. The Tyburn is of course now part of the King’s Scholars’ Pond Sewer, which was modified in 1865 in order to make way for the adjacent Metropolitan Railway extension by diverting the sewer beneath the canal.

View of the twin 4ft diameter cast iron pipes that run underneath the Regent’s Canal!

A larger picture was once available at the Silent UK website I dont know who took the picture so I have no-one to credit it.

Through London’s Royal Park

The Central London Mosque is a major landmark on the canal along with these Nash style houses that line the north perimeter of Regents Park..

These houses have been built within the last 15 years and are arguably some of London’s most expensive properties. A large hostel that once stood here was demolished to make way for these modern ‘Nash’ style houses.

N/B Russia at Chalbert Street footbridge – The structure is alleged to be an aqueduct carrying the Tyburn – one of London’s lost rivers. This is no longer true. The Tyburn’s route through the bridge was ended in about the 1860’s and its flow diverted via the King’s Scholars’ Pond Sewer.

Macclesfield Bridge is about midway on the Regents Park section. This lovely golden scene was captured a week before Xmas 2008.

A busy Regents park towpath scene near James Close, with ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ class N/B Brimwylf heading east.

Primrose Hill Bridge which heralds the London Zoo section. Its also the spot where one should leave the towpath for the spectacular climb to the top of Primrose Hill.

This is a view from the top of Primrose Hill. Its certainly a recommended diversion off the canal and its a easy walk to the top where great views can be afforded. The Snowdon Aviary can be seen in the picture and as a matter of fact the Regents Canal runs across the centre foreground of the whole scene in its deep cutting.

Regents Canal towpath activity – man chatting on mobile & group admiring the zoo animals. A private boat, a waterbus & My Fair Lady are in the background.

Gardenia by the Giraffe House at the London Zoo in Regents Park.

Lord Snowdon’s Avairy in Regents Park. The Zoo straddles both sides of the canal.

On the towpath opposite the water bus stop for London Zoo.

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