The un-numbered pipeline bridge.

The conveyor belt bridge on the site of an old bridge so clearly gets number 2.

The first of the three iron aqueducts. This carries the navigation over the Colne Brook.

The underside of the aqueduct showing the trough carrying the water channel low-slung across the Colne Brook.

Iron aqueducts are quite popular in the London area. Besides the three on the Slough Arm, there’s one on the Regent’s Canal at Kings Cross and at least two on the Royal Gunpowder Mills’ canal network near Waltham Abbey on the River Lea.

A look back towards the County of Berkshire, with the River Colne aqueduct in the foreground. Here the Slough Arm enters (or leaves) Greater London about half a mile from Cowley Peachey junction.

The River Colne aqueduct.

Pill-box next to the River Colne aqueduct.

Bridge No.1. The obelisk next to it is actually one of London’s few remaining coal duty boundary markers.

The three iron aqueducts across the Colne Valley are often discussed/pictured. This neighbour isn’t. Its an un-named brick aqueduct immediately adjacent to the footbridge (which can be seen top corner.) A few yards away in the undergrowth I found an un-recorded cast-iron GJCCo boundary marker.

More WWII defences on the offside of the canal nearer Cowley Peachey.

The canal passes an industrial processing plant that is accessed by lorries from nearby Trout Road.

The aqueduct over the Frays River with a sentinel guard – the pill-box – adjacent to it.

Near the junction is this wooden footbridge giving access to Packet Boat marina. Its numbered as Bridge Zero (0)! In the distance is Cowley Peachey junction with its distinctive iron footbridge.

The footbridge carrying the Slough Arm towpath over the Grand Union Canal at Cowley. The first/last milepost on the arm can be seen. It denotes 0 miles to Cowley and 5 to Slough.

Cowley Peachey Junction with the Slough Arm stretching into the distance. Many canal chroniclers claim the stop gates at the entrance to the arm are the only set found on the Slough Arm. This, like the aqueducts, is a common bit of mis-information for there is another pair of stop gates at Bridge 11.

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