Greenway to West Ruislip

At the Greenway is a large concrete bridge of a rather interesting but austere design. Marked by Hillingdon trail signs, the route crosses the road where one can see the bridge more clearly on the south side.
The Hillingdon Trail goes north west along the Greenway, but there is an unmarked footpath that squeezes past the side of the bridge and along the Ruislip feeder. This leads eventually back to the Hillingdon Trail at what I call the ‘split bridge.’

This ‘concrete channel’ is actually the rear of properties south of the Greenway that have built their gardens over part of the feeder’s channel.

At least someone has recognised there is a water route here and have their own bridge across the feeder. The footpath actually passes on the right, but I found it so overgrown that I had to walk on the bed of the feeder itself, which at this point was fortunately dry enough!

Further south there is an excellent stretch of feeder channel, showing what must be the original width and profile. The channel can be seen easily from the unmarked footpath, but one must fight through brambles and branches in order to gain a splendid perspective of the feeder like in this picture.

This view shows the ‘split bridge.’ Not a Southern Stratford affair but rather a large and slightly elaborate affair.
This must be without a doubt the largest structure on the entire route of the Ruislip feeder. which must have carried a lane of some importance at one time. It has subsided, creating a large split down the centre. Thats why I call it the ‘split bridge.’

Atop the bridge we can see it is substantially wide. The split in the abutment is obvious.
The ‘spilt bridge’ marks the spot the Ruilslip Feeder walk re-joins the Hillingdon Trail, which is now followed for a good distance to the junction of Austin’s Lane and Glebe Road.

This view shows ‘The Green.’ It parallels the feeder and if one is able to force their way through the brambles and undergrowth on the right, one is rewarded with views of the canal feeder in places, such as this rubbish strewn section, shown below, near High Road.

Rubbish strewn section of dry channel near High Road.

The Green leads onto High Road, Ickenham, just a short walk from West Ruislip station. These views show the access route and a small car park. West Ruislip tube/rail station is a short walk to the north east. The feeder route (and Hillingdon Trail) turns right along Ickenham High Road.

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