These maps are approximate. The actual canal route might vary slightly!
These Croydon Canal maps are not scale representations of the canal’s former route. They are just approximate indications of the old canal alignment. More detailed maps can be found in the local library archive centres at Croydon and other places en route.

Page one covers: new cross~brockley / brockley~honor oak / honor oak~sydenham.
Page two covers: sydenham~anerley / anerley~selhurst / selhurst~west croydon.

Map sources : Lost Navigations – The Croydon and Grand Surrey – Bernard Brown, Canal and Riverboat, 1986; Retracing Canals to Croydon and Camberwell – Living History Publications, Bromley, 1986; South Norwood and the Croydon Canal – Ken Maggs and Paul De Athe, North Downs Press, Westerham, 1984; The Croydon Canal – A Dissertation by Peter Gow, 2000; Croydon Local Studies Library.

hatcham / new cross / barriedale / shardeloes rd / brockley & honor oak / forest wood / davids rd / forest hill & sydenham / dacres wood & venner rd / penge & anerley / betts park & norwood / towpath way / spurgeons br / west croydon / route maps