Archive pictures of the London Canals

Archive – Recent old pictures of the London Canals

Attractions/Buildings near the London Canals

Abbey – The famous road, crossing, studios & The Beatles
Bayswater – Shops in West London a short distance from Little Venice
Camden – The Horse Market & tunnels
Crockers – The large folly pub atop Maida Hill Tunnel
Derry/Toms – Kensington’s famous 1930’s roof gardens
Edgware Rd – Watling Street: One of London’s oldest thoroughfares
Great Central – A large railway depot at Marylebone/Lisson Grove
Metesco – A little-known electricity sub-station near the canal
Nash Houses 1 – Old and modern versions alongside the canal
Nash Houses 2– North, South Bank & Park Villages
Aircraft Factory – The unique Spitfire buildings in W2
St. Pancras – London’s International Rail Terminus

Canute’s Canal

Canute’s canal – The mythological waterway that wasnt built by Canute, but someone else!

City or Isle of Dogs Canal

City Canal – The old canal route now part of Canary Wharf

Congreve’s hydro-pneumatic lock

Congreve’s humbug – A failed boat lift built at Camden in the 1815’s

Cumberland Arm

To Euston – A former canal branch off the Regent’s to Great Portland Street

Croydon (and Rotherhithe) Canal

Croydon 01 – Tracing the former canal route into Surrey
Croydon 02 – Coldblow: the connection with the Grand Surrey Canal
Croydon 03 – The route through New Cross
Croydon 04 – From Middlesex to Surrey: Goldsmiths to Barriedale
Croydon 05 – Shardeloes Road: A road that was once a canal
Croydon 06 – The Brockley ‘Rise’: The long climb to Honor Oak
Croydon 07 – Honor Oak Park and the top of the 28 locks
Croydon 08 – Forest Wood: A long gone woodlands
Croydon 09 – Towpath into pavement 1: The Davids Road walkway
Croydon 10 – Towpath into pavement 2:The old canal at Forest Hill Station
Croydon 11 – Sydenham Park – and the site of a canal reservoir
Croydon 12 – Dacre’s Wood: The canal’s remnants
Croydon 13 – Sydenham: Thriftwood to Venner Road
Croydon 14 – Penge Station and the mythical ‘canal loops’
Croydon 15 – Former pleasure gardens: Anerley’s Tea Rooms
Croydon 16 – Bett’s Park: A concrete trough
Croydon 17 – South Norwood – London’s ‘Lake District’
Croydon 18 – Norwood, Towpath Way & Gloucester Road
Croydon 19 – Towpath into pavement 3: Bird in Hand & Spurgeons Bridge
Croydon 20 – The Railway Station: Where the canal ended
Croydon 21 – Croydon Canal Route Maps

Fleet River and canal

Blackfriars – The Fleet River and its short lived canal
Holbourne Bridge – Blackfriars to Farringdon
Hockley in the Hole – Farringdon to Mount Pleasant
River of Wells 1 – Mount Pleasant to Baggnige Wells
River of Wells 2 – Baggnige Wells to Kings Cross Bridge
King’s Cross – The ‘bridge’ to St Pancras Church
St Pancras Way – Towards Camden Town

Grand Surrey Canal

Intro – A canal route from London to Portsmouth!
Old Surrey Docks route – The old canal route through the Surrey Docks
Greenland Dock – Plough Lane – The canal’s route to Plough Lane
Plough Lane – Surrey Canal Road – The canal’s route to Surrey Canal Road
Ilderton Road – Camberwell – The canal’s route to Camberwell
Canal junctions & place names – Junctions and places named after the canal
Bridges & buildings – The canal’s structures
Peckham branch & canal wharves – The delightful branch and wharves of the canal

Grosvenor Canal

To Victoria Station – The former canal from the Thames to Pimlico Wharf

Hertford Union Canal

‘Duckett’s Canal’ – Old Ford Junction to the Lee Navigation

Kensington Canal

Lot’s Road – The Thames, Chelsea Creek and the main canal entrance
Stamford Bridge – From Lots Road to West Brompton
Earl’s Court – West Brompton to Kensington Olympia

Lee Navigation

Bow Locks – Old Ford – Intro/Bow, Three Mills to Old Ford
Hackney – Springfield – Old Ford, Lea Bridge and Springfield
Markfield Park – Edmonton – Tottenham, Stonebridge and Edmonton
Picketts Lock – Ponders End – Picketts Lock, Ponder’s End & Turkey Brook
Brimsdown – Enfield – Brimsdown to Enfield Lock
Rammey Marsh – Hazlemere – Rammey Marsh and Waltham Abbey
The old order at Waltham – The old river & Royal Gunpowder Mills canals
Waltham Abbey – King’s Weir – Cheshunt and Aqueduct Lock
Broxbourne – Fielde’s Weir – Wormley, Broxbourne, Carthagena, Dobb’s
Rye House – Ware – Stanstead Abbotts, Hardmead lock & Ware
New Gauge – Hertford – Ware’s private lock, the New River and Hertford
In Retrospect – Is the Lee Navigation a canal or river? Plus other info

Limehouse Cut

Limehouse 1 – History and the cut to Burdett Road
Limehouse 2 – Burdett Road to Bow Locks (Lee Navigation)

Little Venice – canals & local history

Little Venice 1 – Little Venice – the ignored facts!
Little Venice 2 – Tour round Little Venice 1
Little Venice 3 – Tour round Little Venice 2
Little Venice 4 – Tour round Little Venice 3
Little Venice 5 – Little Venice’s lost canal aqueduct

London’s canal tunnels

The three tunnels – Islington, Maida Hill and Lisson Grove
Islington – Tunnel under London’s village
Maida Hill & Lisson Grove  – World famous canal tunnels!

Mc Murray’s canal at Wandsworth

McMurray’s 1 – the canal and Surrey Iron Railway
McMurray’s 2 – The sites formerly occupied by the canal

Paddington Arm

Paddington Arm 1 – Bulls Bridge to Northolt
Paddington Arm 2 – Northolt to Horsenden
Paddington Arm 3 – Alperton to Acton Lane
Paddington Arm 4 – Harlesden to Kensal Green
Paddington Arm 5 – Ladbroke Grove to Little Venice

Paddington – Local history, canals and railways

Paddington 1 – Paddington & its transport systems – 1
Paddington 2 – Paddington & its transport systems – 2
Paddington 3 – Paddington & its transport systems – 3

Pudding Mill – a lost London river

Pudding Mill 1 – The river in its last days before the Olympics
Pudding Mill 2 – The Pudding Mill River along Marshgate Lane
Pudding Mill 3 – The continuation southwards to end of river

Regent’s Canal

Regent’s 1 – Intro & Little Venice-Maida Hill
Regent’s 2 – Maida Hill-London Zoo
Regent’s 3 – Cumberland Turn-Pirate Castle
Regent’s 4 – Camden-St Pancras
Regent’s 5 – King’s Cross-Acton’s Lock
Regent’s 6 – Mare Street-Limehouse

Rickmansworth’s unique waterways

Salter’s Cut 1 – Batchworth along the river to Salter’s Cut

Roding Navigation

Roding 1 – History and background to the Ilford navigation
Roding 2 – The river from Barking Barrage to Ilford Bridge

Romford Canal – London’s penultimate waterway

Romford 1 – Ford’s Works to New Road
Romford 2 – River Beam to Beam Bridge lock
Romford 3 – The canal lock to Rainham Road
Romford 4 – Rainham Road to Elm Park
Romford 5 – To the railway embankment
Romford 6 – The canal’s last remnants

Royal Arsenal Canal at Woolwich

Woolwich 1 – A military waterway that served the Woolwich Arsenal
Woolwich 2 – History of the Royal Arsenal Railway
Woolwich 3 – The Royal Arsenal Canal today

Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal

Slough 1 – Slough to Langley
Slough 2 – Langley to the M25
Slough 3 – M25 to Cowley Peachey

Towpath schemes – Canalway, Green Chain, Green Link etc

Canalway – London’s major towpath scheme
The GLC – The London council’s ambitious project
The plaques – Reminders of the grand towpath scheme
Other schemes – The mysterious Green Chain, Link & other projects
Hackney/Lee Valley – Other towpath projects